My Pile of Rubble

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My Pile of Rubble

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Whilst my DT side was average, this side was a steaming pile of excrement. Missing captain's loop here hurt more.

Rank ~82K (go me)
202001Sc.JPG (115.99 KiB) Viewed 768 times
Putting this up to look back on having a 179 VC and not taking it.

Will be trading like it's AFL Fantasy.

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Re: My Pile of Rubble

Post by hendo8888 »

You're currently looking at 2 DNPs in your backline this week (plus Starcevich who scored bugger all).
Might as well use a luxury trade. You already have Sturt and Pickett, who are the only real must haves.
No Dusty is an interesting one. Especially when you have 155k.
If you were to trade Brayshaw and Williams, you can afford Dusty and Rivers, with Brander moving to back (think the maths just works).
Worth looking at Taylor for Cavarra/King too.

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