The Fish Shack FFC SC 2020

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The Fish Shack FFC SC 2020

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Figured I'd throw it up and see what happens!

I didn't watch much of round 1 and I remember even less of it!
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Houston - Not terrible, not good. DBJ was really the only guy I strongly considered here that did considerably better to be honest so can't really complain.

Docherty - Irrelevant but still nice that he was great.

Hurley - This one hurt but there were really only two names I even really looked at that did anything (Short and Milera) and I didn't really go close to picking them.

Howe - Yeah, this one went alright.

Roberton - So common that him stinking doesn't really matter but still not ideal. Probably the guy I'd most consider trading of the backs right now if a new rookie did appear given his price but didn't watch so no idea what really happened.

Noble - Great result, was really solid from what I saw.

Starcevich - I mean literally the only other option was Murphy and he cost more and barely scored better. Holding his spot probably the biggest problem he could have. Didn't see it either so have nothing but I was really impressed in JLT and he got picked round 1 so that's a good start.

Brander - About what I expected from him to be honest, if he can keep it up that's perfect.

Overall not too unhappy, none of the super premium or super popular guys really went big outside Hurn who never really fit my structures to begin with. Happy to roll with this group and maintain trades at this point.


Cripps - Rock solid.

Bont - Back to trolling me it would seem... Hopefully he can bounce back.

Oliver - Sweet nothings. Another I have a really bad history with somehow but this isn't terrible I guess...

Yeo - This is terrible. I didn't see the game so know nothing but I just remember he was part of a Sunday that was a big FU to my score/team! Again, no one in this price bracket that I considered really did anything other than I guess Coniglio and Merrett and neither were any more than adequate.

Rowell - Rock solid debut.

Anderson - Not so great but like his JS and slow burner potential still.

Green - Not great but Roberton was literally the only other option and I believe he was a late in to one of the last games, iirc, so never really was in play, I picked every other rookie that played. Bennell obviously a possible bailout if he looks good.

Pickett - Rock solid.

Brown - Solid enough.
McInerney - Really good. Honestly only saw bits of the game as was on a wine tour/bender so just got to be happy how he scored here.
Budarick - DPP and decent enough, JS the issue I think here.

Mids were an issue for me but to be honest really only Neale did anything, Titch the other common one to score to average basically. On a positive the late move from Danger to Oliver actually netted points. Basically Neale, Macrae, Fyfe, Danger and Titch are the main targets for the 4 spots but see what bargains pop up I guess.


Grundy - Nailed it and captain for the bonus.

Gawn - Solid enough given all factors but the performance of Naismith, Jacobs and Ceglar(!!!) were all interesting for sure. Reckon rucks could benefit from the bigger scaling given they tend to have strong ratios anyway.

No real regrets here, I'm not sure what I would have done with the extra money anyway, maybe get the premium mids but I'm happy with my mix at the moment.


Martin - Success. Think he's in every team but still a good result through one given I forewent Whitfield.

Wingard - Brilliant result. Didn't see it so no idea if it was lucky but the stats support he played a role like I wanted and scored how I'd expect in that role.

Lynch - Dreadful. Real stinky way to start things off. In the end I kind of got structured into him and Brayshaw as I just couldn't dig up the cash for the guys I preferred (Ceglar, Smith, Petracca, Greenwood and Dawson especially) but really none of them did massive damage and Lynch is very much a boom and bust type so hopefully he can hit some massive scores to counter it. Like the rucks, reckon a big bag could result in huge scores. I didn't really like Rozee as a pick but his round 1 score might suggest that was a mistake!

Brayshaw - Less than ideal but like the Lynch comment, no one I could reasonably get instead was massive and I'm happy with the overall result.

Smith - Rock solid, irrelevant but like Doch, still nice.

Taylor - Thank god he scored what he did because the last move I did before forgetting for the weekend of drinking in Adelaide was bench Sturt for him just to have Sturt go HAM in the 2nd game of the round and have me hating myself. Really solid result from him though.

King - Not great but realistically only Georgiades was notably higher scoring of the rookies and I genuinely couldn't afford him so it doesn't matter.
Sturt - Outstanding, when your issue with a rookie is you didn't have them on the field you know it's gone well. That he was basically the least popular of the 123k crew makes it that bit sweeter. Was my first picked as I loved what I saw in JLT.

Forwards I'm pretty happy with. Whitfield had a breakeven game, only need a couple more of those and none of the 200 type crap he's capable of and he's in play, pretty confident I've got 3 keepers in this mix and round one really did nothing to clarify this position, Heeney with a teaser but terrible role, Walters looks great on paper, Greene needed 4 goals to get to 100 which isn't sustainable and then a bunch of the speculative types looked good early. Basically happy with my read on the position after one round.

Only negative is the only rookies I basically didn't have are all forwards but I can flex into the mids if needed to get any of them. No glaring holes at this point, very happy with rookie picks. Had two blinder unique choices in Wingard and Howe nicely countered by Lynch and Hurley but if those 4 average out to 100 each I'm going to be on a winner.

No plans to trade this week, maybe if a rookie has fallen out of favour then I'll have to adjust but think I'm in a pretty solid position if the rookies get up.

Thoughts welcome as always!

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Re: The Fish Shack FFC SC 2020

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I think you should look at making a few trades, we've been given the ability to make 5 trades this round.
With the shorten season now and having 30 trades if you used all 5 trades this round that leaves you 25 trades for 16 rounds, you can still nearly trade every round and not run out.

Think this season is going to be about being very aggressive and looking at some quick short term cash generation especially in the first few rounds.
Even if you don't think someone like Viney is going to be a keeper, with the price changes happening after 2 games that means his 186 will be part of 2 price rises. If Viney scores a 100 in his next 2 games he'll go up 100k, then trade him up to a fallen premium.

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Re: The Fish Shack FFC SC 2020

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Well so much for doing nothing, absolute carnage with the teams just like that some of my better picks go to rot.

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