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Fight Club FFC

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So from what I recall of week 1 I was not thinking about footy and spending a few days on Rotto before thinking we'd never see footy again this year. It turns out, I should have been paying a little more attention, missing captain loops and bench scorers. But mostly, I just selected rubbish players.

Backs - Brodie Smith, what was I thinking? The rest varying levels of OK to rubbish.
Mids - Dunkley hurts a lot - I guess getting thrashed will do that, the fact I didn't know that until I just looked at the scores highlights the level of care. Poor on field rookie selection (I'm not sure I actually selected, just where they ended up).
Rucks - GG worked enough, except I stuffed on the VC/C
Fwds - Brayshaw in all comps will sink the season for me.

Most of this round's trades will be used on fixing rookies and other non-players, which will reveal itself in time.

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Re: Fight Club FFC

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Feel like I've got all your duds without as many of the highs that you've got.

It's really hard to eyeball good scores due to the shorter games but all of Smith/Dunkley/Brayshaw were shocking. Think I'll back them in for round 2.

I guess the one player of interest might be Viney given his monster score to go with his pre season scores and cheap price, projected price rise of 49.2k with a score of 85.

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