Cyril is a very good player and I think the Hawks made the right call in getting Dew over which pretty much won them a flag and he had a great season in 2008 as did Cyril a first year player and what he did that year was amazing and to kick 24 goals in your first year in a forward pocket with Buddy(113) and Roughy(75) the forward line was raining goals and they had so much momentum all year - it seemed they had a "force shield" around them and no one could stop them.
Zaharakis will be a good player hopefully next year but he is coming off a knee injury going into 2011 maybe 2012 will be his year.
Pears I dont mind as a defender I think he can take it to the big forwards and has put on alot of muscle while doing his pre-season 2010, be interesting to see how he goes this pre-season and will give the Bombers another option as a rebounding defender who can run off his opponent to cause damage further up the ground.