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Thread: 'Gameday' Board Rules/Information

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    'Gameday' Board Rules/Information

    Gameday Board Rules

    *The Universal FFC rules are applied in the Gameday Forum*

    Gameday Board Rules:

    - Any posts in a thread must relate and be specific to that thread. This is to keep discussion clear, relevant and on topic. For example(s), a post regarding a Carlton vs. Richmond game should not be made in a St Kilda vs. Sydney match thread. A post along the lines of ‘Just ticked over 1800 and still have 5 players to go’ should not be made in a Carlton vs. Richmond match thread, but instead in the Progress Scores thread.

    - Please keep posts and comments insightful. Explaining this, posts such as ‘Woohoo GAJ just kicked a goal!!!1’ are not needed, required and add nothing to the thread. If wanting to post that then please re-locate to the FanFooty chat. Posts in match specific threads should add something interesting, insightful and worth reading to the threads. Such as discussing tactics used, player positioning, injuries and reasons why a player might be scoring high/low.

    - For those wanting to share, boast or vent during their fantasy football weekend then that’s what the ‘Progress Scores’ thread will be for. Posts regarding your scores, league situations and something regarding how your team is going goes in ‘Progress Scores’ thread.

    - Unless you are notified by a moderator or administrator you can assume your posting is fine. Warnings and cards will be handed to those who spam, abuse and regularly break the above rules.

    -Quoting any sources outside FFC
    Appropriate credit and recognition must be given at all time towards any material that is not yours and which you don't have clear permission to use. When discussing articles please be aware that by copyright laws (Copyright Act 1968 Section 10, 1a) you are only allowed to quote no more than 10% of an article, a link to the source must also be provided so that the author of the article can be identified.

    Specific format for quoting any article and publishing it on FFC
    When quoting articles the below format (in the same order) must be followed otherwise infractions will be issued:
    * Article title/headline
    * Link/URL
    * Extract/excerpt of up to a paragraph (wrapping text with the quote tag)
    * Link/URL

    If you have additional comments about specific sentences/paragraphs then:
    * Your comment
    * Extract/excerpt of up to a paragraph (wrapping text with the quote tag)
    * Your comment

    In summary, please keep comments on topic and insightful
    Any questions, please feel free to PM the mod. crew in ‘Tom’ or ‘Banked.’.
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