For the full Fantasy Football Club Terms of Service please visit here: LINK

In addition to the FFC Terms of Service the Player Discussion (SC) board has the following rules that must be followed:

Player Discussion (SC) Board - Rules

Creating a player thread:

This area is for specific player discussion only, Please only create one thread per player and under no circumstances should you create a second thread relating to the same player. Before creating a new thread please look through previous threads to make sure the players thread has not already been created. When creating a thread please title it with the players first and last name, their Supercoach listed position (use the 2010 positions during the 2011 pre season) followed by the club they are currently playing with. For example: Scott Gumbleton (FWD) - Essendon. Please do not use nick names in the title or speculate the players position or what club they may be moving to, This can be done in the text of the thread. This thread will then be used for the remainder of the 2011 Supercoach season, any information regarding this player should be posted in their relevant thread.

No team specific questions:

Please do not ask for team specific advice on this board, If you wish to get some advice on your team please visit this board!