Another week where I'll probably end up talking myself into rolling the dice with Dunkley again come Thursday/Friday and lose out yet again.

In terms of rookies, Hore and Stack come to mind as two that are on the bubble. Thought Hore really passed the eye test on Thursday night and am quite keen to get him in after seeing what I saw. Feel like there's room for him and May in that backline and May is still a couple of weeks out I think. JS still isn't great though and he could easily go out again, but I really liked what I saw.

Jumped on early with Stack myself to benefit from all those big Richmond outs and boy did that payoff... I haven't seen him play in either game but a big score and a shit score has him in an awkward spot. Someone that's seen both his games will be able to comment better than myself.

With how poor many of the rookies are scoring, they're either super slow burners or will need to be turned over a couple of times to generate the cash required.