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Thread: Round 4

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    Re: Round 4

    Quote Originally Posted by dylan123 View Post
    Sloane was pathetic, if his foot is that bad why I'd he playing? Offers us nothing st all. Seriously, those teams contemplating offering him 800k to a mill would surely have to second guess it at this rate as he he so very bad with a tag. 17 touches going at a team low 47% when he only had 3 or 4 kicks in those 17 touches...

    Jacob's losing a ruck contest where he was the only one allowed to compete summed up his ruck work yet again
    OBrien should be more then ready for a call up, but hes your classic rickman with no ability to kick it. I hope we target Grundy at season's end.

    I totally forgot to add that, was meaning to, it basically summed it up that when he was the only ruckman he still found a Pie!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheedus View Post
    I usually maintain that sides that go handball happy in the wet are asking for trouble (I've seen Essendon do it enough to know how bad the outcomes can be) but last night the Pies were just so clean. Admittedly, the Crows' pressure was abysmal but Collingwood certainly showed how you can make it work in wet conditions.

    Grundy was just immense - not only in his ruck work but also his follow up and ability to get involved in link up play. He's basically playing the roll of a very tall midfielder.
    Grundy was immense, he's basically doing what Kreuzer did last year right now, if Goldy is bad again then have to think about grabbing Grundy, he seems to have the blessing of CD this year after years of being their red headed stepchild in the rucks.
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    Re: Round 4

    I definitely give Collingwood the credit here. They were superior in the team composition, effort, coaching and execution. Hell of a display by them in trying conditions.

    We were so lifeless though, absolutely abysmal and it isn't like this is the first time this team has put out performances like this. Against North last year, the Grand Final and for a half vs Collingwood last year. We have a habit of struggling to stop a run on and honestly the desire to turn it around looked lacking for all but 10 minutes in the third quarter.

    Adelaide is without a lot of what made us work last year, notably a healthy forward line and midfield. We're pretty banged up all over the joint, which isn't to make excuses because we were so god damn abysmal Carlton would have beaten us last night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narkee View Post
    SC only


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    Re: Round 4


    Essendon: Mitch Brown (calf) replaced by Michael Hartley

    Port Adelaide: Nil


    Essendon: Darcy Parish, Mark Baguley, Josh Begley, Matt Guelfi

    Port Adelaide: Todd Marshall, Tom Rockliff, Karl Amon, Dan Houston

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