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Keefe would have to be a big risk of playing games though wouldn't he?
That's probably a bonus really, if he doesn't play the first couple of rounds when we're still working out who to start and need the loophole, after round 3 I don't remember ever really having 30 playing anyway so if he starts playing and makes some cash at that point it's a bonus really.

For me I'm still strongly considering Lycett, if I go Nank I have the money leftover doing nothing, I expect Lycett to probably average in the 70s if I'm honest so he'll make a bit of cash but if NicNat rests he will be starting ruck and can score 100+ or just has a big game, so even if he averages 70s it would only take a pair of good games and he'll make enough cash. The other major positive of Lycett though is it brings Ryder into the equation, it's risky and all but Gawn has awful durability as well and I can see Lycett playing a couple of games here or there.

So ultimately the starting ruck is making a lot of the decision for me. Ryder+Lycett is basically a case of finding 100k over Kreuzer as the pick. I still want Kreuzer and the AFL website had an article saying he should start training the end of this week, which if he is back in full training I'll probably just roll that way but if he's not it's either Nank or Ryder for me and Lycett makes that viable.

Cameron is the rookie I'd go though, Horse loves to play two ruckmen, he seems to think that Sinclair is a legitimate forward also (he wasn't rucking at the end of last year when Naismith was R1 and Towers was R2) so there is every chance he throws Cameron in as the R1 and Sinclair as another useless tall forward to go against the way the game is moving because Horse. If he plays R1 that makes the loophole question a very interesting one as well.

Otherwise Olango makes the most sense to me for looping purposes although I do like the idea of an R/F just in case someone like Cameron or English (or unknown) falls into the R1 position and becomes a must have rookie and you can downgrade a forward to them as well with the added bonus of moving the loophole into the forwards where the rookies seem volatile and there are more looping candidates to throw the E on.